What is Energy Medicine?

‘All illness, disease and emotional issues can cause, or are caused by, an imbalance in your energies. Energy medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill and joy when you are down.’ Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is any practice that works with energy as a vital, living, moving force that is at the foundation of our well-being. In Energy Medicine, the body is healed by activating its own natural healing energies and by restoring energies that have become weakened or out of balance. Incorporating powerful interventions whose outcome can be tracked and evaluated, and can address both physical illness as well as emotional or mental disorders. Energy Medicine combines concepts and procedures from ancient healing and spiritual traditions with contemporary scientific understanding of health and healing. It is accessible, safe, simple, natural, powerful and noninvasive.

‘In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.’ Albert Szent-Gyorgi

These ‘hands on’ healing sessions use kinesiology (muscle testing) to assess and track the body’s energetic system. Any out of balance energies are brought into balance with touch, acupressure points, breath and movement. Incorporating the nine energy systems as defined in the Eden Method, such as the Chakras, the meridians and the 5 rhythms, these treatments also include the following relaxation techniques:


Energy Medicine sessions are also available remotely:
These online sessions involve energy testing the body to assess the state of your energies. We then restore any imbalances through exercises, acupressure points and the breath.

FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT – 60-75 mins £70
ENERGY MASSAGE – 45 mins £50
YOGA & ENERGY SESSION – 90 mins £80
YOGA, ENERGY & PHYSIO – 90 Mins £100
For those of you who are having or have had any experience of cancer or auto-immune disease, I have some wonderful balancing techniques and protocols to strengthen your immune system and help it thrive.